The King of Noland was the ruler of Noland. It was said that the king ruled his counselors, and the counselors ruled the kingdom. In Noland, the king's will is law, but there is a Book of Laws written years ago, which is to be used when the king is absent, ill, or asleep.


At one time there was a king of Noland who had an unseen Fairy Guardian named Ereol. He had five high counselors named Tullydub, Tollydob, Tillydib, Tallydab, and Tellydeb, and his principal servant and valet was named Jikki.

This particular king grew old and became ill. Because he had outlived all his relatives, his counselors kept his illness a secret from everyone but his physician, who was half blind and wholly dumb. The king died without an heir, leaving his five counsellors to choose a successor.

Tullydub remembered the Book of Laws, which said that the forty-seventh person to enter the east gate of Nole was to be the next king. Using this method, Bud was selected as the next king.

Thanks to a wish made on his sister's Magic Cloak, Bud became the best king Noland ever had. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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