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King Dox

King Dox, in The Road to Oz

King Dox
is the ruler of Foxville. His official name is King Renard the Fourth.


King Dox is a handsome fox with a shrewd and knowing expression. He wears large spectacles and a gold crown with shiny points.

His likeness is carved over both the gate of the city and the main entrance of the palace.

King Dox has the power to transform a person's head to that of a fox, but he cannot change it back.
King Dox and Dorothy

King Dox and Dorothy


When Dorothy Gale, the Shaggy Man, and Button-Bright visited Foxville on their way to the Land of Oz, King Dox was so impressed with Button-Bright's curious nature he transformed the boy's head into that of a fox. He also begged Dorothy for an invitation to Ozma's birthday party, which he did later attend. (The Road to Oz)

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