Joe Weedles is the brother of Bill Weedles and a slave in Zog's undersea castle.


Joe is nearly a mirror image of his brother. He has a round head with light blue eyes, a bald top, and scraggly whiskers. He wears a sailor cap and shirt, and wide pantaloons. Like his brother, Joe stomps around on a hickory leg though he'd like Agga-Groo to make him a gold one that won't float.

Joe was married before being lost at sea, but he's happier now that he's away from his wife's scolding tongue. He's also pleased that his widow will live happily off the insurance money.


As a boy, Joe often fought with his brother Bill. He always loved the sea and when he grew up he became captain of the Gladsome.

When his ship wrecked, Joe was headed for Davy Jones's Locker. Zog found him, gave him gills to breathe, and made him a slave. Joe's duty is to sew buttons onto Zog's clothes.

After Zog was destroyed by King Anko, the former slaves of the castle chose Joe to be their new king. (The Sea Fairies)

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