Jikki was the valet and principal servant of the King of Noland.


He was lean and thin, and terribly nervous and very talkative.


For a long time, Jikki was a faithful servant to the King of Noland. When the old king died, Jikki became the servant of King Bud, the new ruler of Noland. His new duties were much more stressful, having not only a new king to obey, but also Princess Fluff his sister, and his Aunt Rivette.

One day, while wearing the princess's Magic Cloak, Jikki wished for a half dozen servants to wait upon him. Six servants instantly appeared, eager to obey Jikki's every order, although they would not serve anyone but him. Jikki enjoyed their help at first, but later became frustrated because they would serve no one else. When Queen Lulea retrieved the Magic Cloak, she took back Jikki's wish and the six servants disappeared. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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