Jellia Jamb, Maid of Oz is a modern-day Oz novel, written by David Hardenbrook and published in 2008. It is the second volume of Hardenbrook's projected trilogy Dan in Oz; the first volume, The Unknown Witches of Oz, was published in 2000.


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Jellia Jamb obtains magic powers of her own, by bathing in a pool of liquid candy. This places her on the wrong side of Princess Ozma's prohibition against magic-working. Ozma even tries to enforce her prohibition beyond the confines of Oz: Jellia's cousin Gyma plans to open a magic school in the neighboring land of Op, which Ozma opposes. Simultaneously, Ozma is planning a dynastic (and loveless) marriage with King Evardo of Ev.

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Jellia sets out on a two-fold mission: to prevent Ozma from making a mistaken marriage, and also to liberate good people from the constraints of magical suppression. Her quest takes Jellia on a tour of neighboring lands, to encounters with the fairy queen Zurline (who hates mortals), and the villainous Lord Reggie the Rascal, the CEO of Magosoft, Inc. and would-be monopolizer of all the magic in Nonestica. Jellia's journey involves her with the "Fellowship of Hated Animals," an army of rubber-cement monsters, and the dangerous hag Deb Horrid.


Like the first volume in the trilogy, Jellia Jamb contains some distinctive science-fiction elements. It also features some mild eroticism that makes it inappropriate for younger Ozophiles. The cover specifies that the book is "for Teens and Adults."

Unusually, Hardenbrook prepared his own computer-animated promotional video for his book.

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