Jacquelin is a lovely young girl who was shipwrecked with her parents on the Isle of Mifkets, where she was called a "princess".


She is the loveliest and sweetest girl anyone could wish to meet. She has round, innocent eyes and a gentle, winning smile. On the island she wore a gown woven from island leaves.

Her father is a little old man who served as cup-bearer to the king of the Mifkets. He is bald, but has red whiskers and light blue eyes. His wife worked as the king's cook and is round as an apple, with red cheeks and curly gray hair.


The Princess and her parents were shipwrecked on Mifket Isle some years ago. The Mifkets captured the mother and father and made them labor as slaves, but their daughter was too delicate and not very strong. They created an elegant hut for her from the leaves of the roi-tree, and mockingly called her a Princess, though the name is appropriate to her demeanor and appearance.

Living alone, she made friends with Pittypat and Para Bruin. When John Dough and Chick the Cherub arrived on the island, they befriended her as well. She was somewhat sickly, but John allowed her to eat the remainder of his left hand, which had been partially devoured by a Mifket named Ooboo. The Great Elixir in the gingerbread restored her strength, but it also gave Ooboo the courage to take over the band of Mifkets and threaten to destroy all the humans. Jacquelin's parents escaped in a small boat while their daughter, with John Dough and Chick, was aided by the Fairy Beavers, who later helped reunite the girl with her parents. (John Dough and the Cherub)

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