Irashi is the tyrannical ruler who usurped the throne of Rash from its rightful heir.


Physically, Irashi is short and fat. In temperament he is quick to anger, impetuous, irrational, and heartless.

Irashi was the younger brother of Asha, the former Pasha of Rash. He usurped the throne when it was to pass to Asha's young son Evered. Irashi ruled ruthlessly until he was deposed by his nephew; he was then taken into the upper atmosphere by the balloon man Atmos Fere, then dropped on a deserted island in the Nonestic Ocean. (The Hungry Tiger of Oz)


[In the opening chapter of Hungry Tiger, the Pasha is named as Irasha. Yet through the remainder of the book he is consistently referred to as Irashi.

For a similar conflict in proper names in Thompson's work, see Tazara.]

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