In Other Lands Than Oz is a 1984 collection of literary pieces and artwork, some of which (though not all) involve the Land of Oz. The book was edited by March Laumer and published by his Vanitas Press, and includes work by the three Laumer brothers, March, Keith, and Frank.

The contents of the volume is:

  1. "Night on the Milky Way Railroad," by Kenji Miyazawa (a non-Oz story)
  2. "The Woozy's Tricky Beginning," by March Laumer (first published in the 1978 issue of Oziana)
  3. "The Griffin and the Centaur," by Keith Laumer (a non-Oz story)
  4. "Scraps and the Magic Box," by Fred Meyer
  5. "Off-White and Little Blue Diving Helmet," by March Laumer (a non-Oz story)
  6. "The Year of the Woozy," by Seraphim J. Sigrist
  7. "The Cowardly Lion Changes His Name," by March Laumer (Oziana, 1971)
  8. "The Magic Door to Oz," by Johanna Buchner and Paul S. Ritz
  9. "Mandy's Waitin'," by Frank Laumer (a non-Oz story)
  10. "The Woozy's Sticky End," by March Laumer, Johanna Buchner, and Paul S. Ritz
  11. "November Third," by Kenji Miyazawa (a non-Oz poem).

The book also features artwork by F. Kay Baumann, Remy Bricka, Lau Shiu Fan, David Maxine, Tony Moses, Bronson Alcott Pinchot, and Vladimir Tamari.

Meyer's story on the Patchwork Girl was first published in an incomplete text, in a contest for readers in the Winter 1979 issue of The Baum Bugle (Vol. 23 No. 3). Contest winner Camilla Townsend had her completion of the story appear in the Autumn 1980 issue (Vol. 24 No. 2). Meyer's own ending was not published until the piece was included in this Laumer anthology.

March Laumer's story on the Cowardly Lion is one of his earliest ventures in Oz fiction. The Lion changes his name to the Courageous Lion (as in Alexander Volkov's tales, which influenced Laumer). The Lion also gets married; Laumer would marry off a number of traditional Oz characters through his later works.

The book's title alludes to the 1907 volume of travel letters published by Maud Gage Baum, which was titled In Other Lands Than Ours.

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