Hotel Trees are unusual trees that grow in the Metal Forest in the Nome Kingdom.

They bear a certain kind of table d'hote fruit called "Three Course Nuts", which are something like coconuts to look at. Unscrewing the top of the nut reveals a cupfull of good soup. The middle part contains a hollow filled with meat and potatoes, vegetables, and a fine salad. The last section contains pie and cake, cheese and crackers, and nuts and raisins. The Three-Course Nuts are not all alike in flavor or contents, but they all are good.

Breakfast Trees are another variation of Hotel Trees. They contain coffee or chocolate instead of soup, oatmeal instead of meat and potatoes, and fruit instead of dessert. (Tik-Tok of Oz)


These Hotel trees are similar to the Dinner-Pail Tree and Lunch-Box Tree from the Land of Ev, which L. Frank Baum introduced in Ozma of Oz.

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