Hoppers are strange one-legged people who live inside a mountain in the Quadling Country.


Hoppers each have only one leg, set below the middle of the round, fat body. They hop whenever they move, and even the children stand firmly on their single legs and never lose their balance. Hip Hopper is the champion wrestler of the Hoppers.

Hopper Country is located within a cave so high that it must reach nearly to the top of the mountin within which it lies. It is a magnificent cave, illuminated by a soft, invisible light. The walls are of polished marble, white with veins of delicate colors, and the roof is arched and fantastic and beautiful.

The village itself is not very large, with not more than fifty artistically designed houses of marble. No grass nor flowers nor trees grow in the cave, so the yards surrounding the houses are smooth and bare with low walls around them to mark their boundaries.

Hopper Country is separated from Horner Country by a high picket fence of marble which divides the cave into two equal parts.


A war between the Hoppers and the two-legged Horners started when Diksey Horner joked that Hoppers have less understanding.

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