Herku is a city in the Winkie Country with a strange master/slave society.


Herku is built to a square plan, surrounded by four walls, each with a burnished copper gate in its center. It is isolated, and visitors from the rest of Oz are almost unknown.

Once each year, the residents of Herku take a teaspoon-sized dose of zosozo, a specially-compounded substance that is a form of pure energy. Zosozo makes the residents skeletally thin but immensely strong — so strong that they have no trouble controlling the breed of giants that they keep as slaves. The giants are twenty feet tall, are armed with tree-trunk-sized clubs, and wear golden collars around their necks as badges of their servitude. (The Lost Princess of Oz)

Herku is ruled by a Czarover named Vig. He has his hands full controlling his difficult subjects; but since he compounds the zosozo himself and controls the secret of its making, his power is generally secure.


Paul Dana provides an origin for the unique Herku culture in his 2005 novel Time Travelers of Oz.

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