The Guardian of the Entrance to the Paradise of Birds maintains his post at the borders of the Paradise, in the gold and silver trees there; and he decides if visitors are allowed to enter.

The bird is about the size of a pigeon; his carriage is graceful, dignified, and impressive. His eyes are shrewd but gentle in expression. Like all the Birds of Paradise, the Guardian bears gorgeous plumage: the feathers on his neck and wings are a glistening emerald green, shading to a lighter green on his breast and then to the purest white. His wing feathers are white, tipped with deep scarlet; white too are the feathers of his crest, tipped with flame color. In his great fanlike tail, the feathers alternate between brilliant green and snow white.

If the Guardian decides that potential visitors are worthy to enter, he summons the Royal Messenger to guide them through the Paradise of Birds. (Policeman Bluejay)

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