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The Gigaboo was a fearsome creature that lived in the Land of Mo. Its body was round with a thick shell, like a turtle. Its head was supported by a long goose-like neck and it had four mouths and seven bright and glittering eyes colored red, green, yellow, blue, black, purple, and crimson. It had ten short, thick legs and two arms with claws like a lobster that were strong enough to pinch a tree in two. Scientists say these creatures are naturally destructive.

The Gigaboo lived in a cave, but one day broke through the walls and began to destroy an orchard of preserved apricots. Prince Jollikin attacked the creature, which in turn nipped off his arms, legs, and head. Jollikin eventually recovered and, making a second attack on the creature, cut off its head with a sword. The Gigaboo rolled over on its back and died. (The Magical Monarch of Mo)

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