The General is a resident of the Isle of Phreex and the hero of a hundred battles.


The General is a calm, soldierly man who wears a gorgeous uniform. His eyes are dull and listless, and he walks stiffly. He comes to pieces very easily.


The General lost his left arm at Bull Run, and now wears a rubber one in its place. His left leg was blown off at Sedan, and was replaced by one of cork. He lost his head at Santiago, and his replacement head is made of wax. His right leg is made of basswood.

He was arrested and brought before the Kinglet of Phreex on charges of being foolish. He countered that the losses of his appendages were the result of bravery rather than foolishness. The Kinglet disagreed, but released him since there was nothing the Royal Executioner could do to him. (John Dough and the Cherub)

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