Fwiirp in Oz is a collaborative Oz novel, published in 1996 by Buckethead Enterprises of Oz, and created by writers and artists associated with the Buckethead endeavor. The authors are Nate Barlow, Jeff Barstock, Chris Dulabone, Atticus Gannaway, Greg Hunter, Phyllis Ann Karr, Rufus K. Lionel, Marcus Mebes, and Hugh Pendexter III. The artists are Dulabone, Mebes, David T. St. Albans, and Melody Grandy.

(Dulabone, Hunter, Mebes, and Grandy were associated in a similar Buckethead multiple project, The Shifting Sands of Oz, in the previous year, 1995.)

The story concept holds that some of the magic paper of Miss Cuttenclip (from The Emerald City of Oz) is blown to the United States by an UpsAndDownsWind. An aspiring Oz author obtains the magic paper, and discovers that what is written on it comes true.

Dulabone has described the book as "basically Nate's story, 'Jellia Jamb of Oz,' with a bunch of other people's stories stuffed into it." These other stories include Barstock's "The Purple Bear," Gannaway's "Basketball," Karr's "The Bigot and the Baritone," and Lionel's "Silent Night."

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