Fredjim Jinksjones is a Blueskin who lives on Sky Island. He and his partner, Jimfred Jonesjinks suffered the unfortunate punishment of being patched.


Being patched, Fredjim is obviously made from two halves of different men. One side of his blue hair is straight, and the other half curly. One ear is small and flat while the other ear is big and sticks out from his head. One eye is big and staring while the other is half shut and twinkling. His nose is flat on one side and thin on the other. One side of his mouth curls down and the other up. He limps when he walks because one leg is shorter than the other. One hand is thick and hardened by use while the other is delicate and slender.


Fredjim was punished by the Boolooroo for some unknown slight. He served as a guard at the royal treasure chamber and during the Pinkie invasion guarded the royal palace gate with Jimfred.(Sky Island)

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