Frank Ver Beck, full name William Francis Ver Beck (1858 – 1933), was the artist who illustrated L. Frank Baum's The Magical Monarch of Mo.

From the 1890s on, Ver Beck enjoyed a long career in book and magazine illustration. He also wrote children's stories that he illustrated, alone or in collaboration with other artists and writers. His eponymously titled Ver Beck's Book of Bears is one prominent example of his work. One of his collaborators was his pupil and wife, the former Hanna Rion. Ver Beck illustrated The Marriagemony of Mildred White and Let's Make a Flower Garden, books authored by Hanna Rion Ver Beck. Frank Ver Beck expanded Helen Bannerman's original "Little Black Sambo" into a series of Kiplingesque adventures, in The Little Black Sambo Story Book.

Ver Beck was noted for his animal illustrations; he worked on texts of writers who were famous for their animal stories, including Rudyard Kipling, Albert Bigelow Paine, and Joel Chandler Harris, author of Uncle Remus. Paine dedicated his 1898 story The Arkansaw Bear to its illustrator, Ver Beck.

Inevitably, Ver Beck illustrated a large body of works that are now generally forgotten, including John Langdon Heaton's The Book of Lies, Theodore Marburg's Bobbylinkapoo, and Charles Dwight Willard's The Fall of Ulysses: An Elephant Story.

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