Prince Fiddlecumdoo is the youngest son of the King of Mo, and an excellent violinist.

Becoming bored one day with the Beautiful Valley, Prince Fiddlecumdoo picked a bicycle and rode it to a neighboring valley where he encountered a giant named Hartilaf. He was well treated by the giant and his wife, and enjoyed a large dinner with them. Due to an unfortunate laundry accident, Fiddlecumdoo fell into the clothes wringer and was flattened as thin as a sheet of paper.

Hartilaf rolled the prince into a tube and returned him home, but for a while no one knew how to restore him. Finally, the Wise Donkey suggested blowing him up by poking a hole in his head and filling him with air. The operation was successful, although for a while Fiddlecumdoo had to be careful not to poke himself and lose his air. Since then, being a healthy eater, the prince has filled himself back up with food and is now as solid as ever. (The Magical Monarch of Mo)

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