Fanny Young Cory (1877–1972) was an American book illustrator and graphic artist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She supplied illustrations for the first editions of two of L. Frank Baum's books, The Master Key (1901) and The Enchanted Island of Yew (1903), as well as his short story "The Bad Man." Beyond the bounds of Baum's canon, she illustrated a wide range of the popular literature of the day, on humorous as well as serious subjects, including work for the prominent children's periodical St. Nicholas Magazine.

Cory married a Fred H. Cooney in 1904 and lived on his ranch in Canyon Ferry, near Helena, Montana; they raised three children. Cory wrote as well as illustrated children's books, like Little Me and The Fairy Alphabet of F.Y. Cory. In the 1920s she became one of the first female newspaper comic-strip artists. Her two most popular strips were Little Miss Muffet and Sunnysayings, both distributed by the King Features Syndicate. She retired in 1956.


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