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While being chased by a Scarecrow, Scooby and Shaggy stall him with confusion as Shaggy is now in a Cowardly Lion Suit and Scooby is in a Tin Man suit. They ask where he has been as Scooby points to the yellow road that they are supposed to follow. While the scarecrow is confused, Shaggy pulls out a map and gives him reading glasses. The map jokingly displays how Dorothy is supposed to follow the road to the Emerald City with the line "Don't get Lozt!" written along with crude drawings of the flying monkeys, a blue dressed Glinda, and the Wicked Witch. Shaggy warns him of the flying monkeys and Scooby has changed into a monkey costume as he gives him bananas and a jug of water for the witch as Scooby's costume is briefly changed again. Shaggy then tells him to berate the good witch for not telling her that the magic red shoes could send her home in the first palace. Scooby is now in a red haired Dorothy costume and says "a complete waste of time" as he lays a pair of red shoes onto the stack of things. They tell the scarecrow to go on by himself as they escape dropping their costumes on the ground as the scarecrow realizes what was done after finding a paint can that was used to created the fake Yellow Brick Road.

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