"Hi, my name is Dot Hugson, I'm eight years old. I live in a farm in Kansas in the countryside. I'm a farm girl. My favorite habit is to play with my dog Toto, my brother Neddie and my farm animals, riding horses, making friends and having fun. I was born on June 21st, That's about it. One summer day, my family, Toto, Neddie and I were caught up in a tornado and were carried away. And then, I discover the magical Land of Oz, my own magical world. Oh, well, I guess everything will be okay."
―Dot introduces herself before the episode of The Oz Kids starts
Dot Hugson
The Oz Kids - Dot Hugson (1)
Title The Leader of the Oz Kids
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin Kansas, farm/United States of America
Residence Kansas (former)
Royal Palace of Oz, Land of Oz (current)
Affiliation Land of Oz
First Appearance The Oz Kids (1996)

Dot Hugson is a main character in The Oz Kids, the daughter of Dorothy Gale. She was the leader of The Oz Kids gang. She is a cute, funny and tomboyishly beautiful young eight-year-old girl in Kansas.

She is fearless and level-headed when in a dangerous situation, able to analyze the options and act accordingly, and consistently triumphs with imagination. Dot's parents are Dorothy Gale and Zebediah Hugson. Dorothy first came to Oz as a young girl. Her adventures were recounted in The Wizard of Oz. As an adult, Dorothy married Kansas farmhand Zebediah and eventually settled in Oz where they had two children, Dot and Neddie. Dot has spent her entire childhood in Oz. She enjoys hanging out with boys, goofing off, riding horses, playing pranks, daydreaming and anything else fun.

Although she is happy, and quirky, she yearns to learn more about the outside world. Dot instigates many of the trips beyond Oz. After each adventure with her friends, however, she is very happy to return to Oz, to her home. She is very protective of her younger brother, Neddie. She gains her powerful Magic Belt that gives her magical powers.

Dot is fair skin with freckles, she has brown hair tied back into two pigtails with blue bows and wears a white blouse with short, puffy sleeves, a sleeveless blue dress, white bloomers, white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.


She is short in height, is also charming, dainty, funny, beautiful, happy, quirky


  • Name: Dot Hugson
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 8
  • Birthday: June 21st (Summer)
  • Parents: Dorothy Gale (mother)
  • Pet: Toto 2
  • Siblings: Little brother, Neddie Hugson
  • Likes: Having fun, farm animals, cute things, dolls, beach, riding horses, her brother Neddie, Magic Belt, processing magical powers, flying, living in the farm in Kansas, Rainbow.
  • Dislikes: Tornado, Mombi's dark powers, mean people.
  • Powers and Abilities: Magical abilities, flight, magic belt powers.
  • Quote: "I was thinking."