Evangeline Josephine Freeland was the young daughter of a wealthy banker. She had curly, yellow hair and deep blue eyes. When she was born, her parents began calling her Dot and the name stuck.

Dot's mother was an invalid and one summer took a trip with her father (Dot's grandfather) to Europe, hoping that the travel and change of scenery would do her good. Dot's father was a busy man, so he sent Dot and her governess, Miss Bombien, to live for the summer at Roselawn, his country home. It was Dot's first experience in the country, having lived all her life in a big city house. She had been in ill health due to a long winter and chilly spring, but the country life soon restored her vitality.

She befriended Tot Thompson, the son of the gardener, even though the boy was a year or two younger than she. One day the two went on a picnic near the river and found an abandoned boat. They climbed aboard and, sometime during their luncheon, the boat came loose and floated out into the river. The current pulled them into a tunnel and they eventually emerged into the enchanted country of Merryland.

The Watch-Dog of Merryland tried to prevent them from entering the kingdom, but the children could not propel their boat back up the river, so they ignored his orders. They passed through the first three valleys, and in the Valley of Dolls met the Queen of Merryland. She was unhappy that they had disobeyed her command that strangers were not to enter her kingdom, but she understood that it was not their fault. The Queen considered transforming the children into dolls so they could stay without incident, but ultimately decided to adopt them, making Dot a Princess of Merryland.

The Queen then accompanied the children through the last three valleys. Dot enjoyed dinner with Uncle Palladius in the Valley of Pussycats, and they spent the night in the Sixth Valley.

Finally, after visiting the Seventh Valley, Tot wanted to go home. Dot knew she had to go with him so, leaving the Queen behind, they floated through the final tunnel. They emerged upriver from Roselawn and soon floated back home. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

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