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Dorothy in the Land of Oz

Dorothy in the Land of Oz (also known as Thanksgiving in the Land of Oz) is a 1980 Thanksgiving special starring Emmy Award winner Sid Caesar. The film has its own original story but features many characters and elements featured in the original book series.

Official VHS Description

"Here's a delightful animated musical based on the ever-popular story of The Wizard of Oz. Sid Caeser stars in three roles - as the Wizard, the narrator, and as U.N. Krust, a living, talking mince pie who speaks with a different accent every time he utters a phrase!"

"Kids everywhere are welcomed back to Oz, to renew their acquaintances with old friends - Dorothy, the Wizard, the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow - and to meet the newest members of the Oz family. There's Jack Pumpkinhead, Tik-Tok, Tyrone the Terrible Toy Tinker and the Hungry Tiger - and together you'll have the most exciting adventure ever!"





  • Although originally aired as a Thanksgiving cartoon, another version of the cartoon appeared. This slightly modified version removed any references to the Thanksgiving holiday, enabling it to be shown at any time of year.
  • The film was recommended by the National Education Association.

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