Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz is a web series created by Warner Bros. studios as a web exclusive to the Boomerang channel's video on demand service in the US but has premiered elsewhere internationally on the television channel starting with Austraila and New Zealand on June 26th, 2017. It's plot would appear to take place sometime after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and around the time of Ozma of Oz

Coming Soon to Boomerang Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz

Coming Soon to Boomerang Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz

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Since Warner Brothers owns the copyright to the 1939 film, this series acts as a sequel to it with the inclusion of the Ruby Slippers.

The series premiered in Austraila on June 26th 2017 as the first section of the first episode was released digitally in the US for the Boomerang app. That section is currently free and does not require a subscription. This first episode delves into the story without much pretense except that Dorothy went back to Oz and became a princess. A further episode might show her meeting Ozma for the first time and how Ozma ascended the throne (The Marvelous Land of Oz).

For non-subcribers, the series has also been released to DVD.


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The series is based on the classic L. Frank Baum book series, and is set soon after Dorothy and her friends have defeated the Wicked Witch of the West. Following the original story, Queen Ozma has appointed Dorothy the Princess of Emerald City and, practically born for the role, Dorothy tackles her royal duties with enthusiasm, bravery and farm girl feistiness.

But it’s also a whole lot of responsibility, because Oz is pretty chaotic. There are Witches, Wizards, Munchkins, Flying Monkeys and a whole menagerie of mystical creatures. More often than not, magic falls into the wrong hands and that’s where Dorothy comes in. As Princess of Emerald City, Dorothy feels responsible to rein in the chaos. She loves to track down whichever magical person, place or thing is causing mischief in Oz and put a stop to it.




  • Wilhelmina, the Wicked Witch of the West's niece (voiced by Jessica DiCicco)
  • Frank, a flying monkey (voiced by Steven Blum)
  • Lyman, a flying monkey (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Larry Chigglewitz (voiced by JP Karliak)
  • Yak Yakity Yak (voiced by Steven Blum)
  • Wally (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
  • Crank (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Cosmo (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Deuce (voiced by JP Karliak)
  • Lenny (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Tig (voiced by JP Karliak)
  • Barry (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke)
  • Melinda (voiced by Grey Griffin)
  • Prince Puzzleton (voiced by JP Karliak)
  • Baroness Bunchausen (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • King Glum (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke)
  • Duchess Doofus (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
  • Gingerbread Men (voiced by JP Karliak)
  • Clobber Stone (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Gary the Jewel Mule (voiced by JP Karliak)

Possible but unconfirmed:

The following might appear in the series with the show being based on content from the original book series and the 1939 film, but they have yet to be announced:


Season One

  1. Beware the Woozy / Magical Mandolin
  2. Toto Unleashed / Official Ozian Exam
  3. Locket Locket In My Pocket / Mixed-Up Mixer
  4. Ojo the Unlucky / The Lion's Share
  5. Rules of Attraction / Brain Power of Love
  6. Jinxed / Rise of the Nome King
  7. One-Winged Wally / Wand-erful
  8. No Sleep Sleepover / Lion Catches a Bug
  9. Tik Tok and Tin Man / If I Only Had Some Brawn
  10. The Beast Royales / Time After Time
  11. Kitten Around / Castle Sitters
  12. Stuck on You / Family Matters
  13. The Emerald of Zog / Cooking Up Some Magic
  14. Copy Cat / Snow Place Like Home
  15. Mirror Madness / Everything Coming Up Poppies
  16. A Cut Above the Rest / Abraca-Oops
  17. Halloween Heist / Haunt Me Not
  18. Wheelers Of Fortune / Sister Sister
  19. Moody Magic / If the Shoe Fits
  20. Get Smarts / Mission Imp-Possible

Season Two

  1. The Wizard, The Witch and the Crystal Ball
  2. Tin Man and Lion in Wonderland


  • Currently with 20 episodes consisting of 40 segments, it is the second longest animated Oz series after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (anime).
  • This is the second animated series to be a sequel to the MGM film as the first was 1990's The Wizard of Oz (TV series)
    • As with the 1990 series, it is also the third to feature a return of the Wicked Witch of the West, who in this case is trapped inside a crystal ball instead of being resurrected by the flying monkies. The second is Save Oz! where she is revived by Glinda.
    • Similar to the 1990 series, Dorothy still has the Ruby Slippers which she uses to get back to Oz.
  • This is also the second animated series to feature Ojo after Amazon's Lost in Oz (web series)
  • This is the third Oz project for Warner Bros. animation after Tom and Jerry & the Wizard of Oz and Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz.
    • Jess Harnall and Greg Ellis have both voiced together in a couple of Tom and Jerry films but neither voiced for the two above.
    • Jess Harnall provided the voice of a singer in Lion of Oz and has done many voices for Walt Disney Pictures
    •  Kari Wahlgren played the voice for Tiger Lily from Peter Pan in the video game Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. which features Oz characters.
  • Tin Man operates more like a mechanical machine or a robot then his film counterpart.
  • The Ruby Slippers are shown to have various powers including flight.
    • Since she has magic, Ozma can float on her own.
  • This is the first sequel adaption to the 1939 film to have Dorothy portrayed as a small girl instead of imitating Judy Garland's performance while her three friends are still imitations of Ray Bolger (Scarecrow), Jack Haley (Tin Man), and Bert Lahr (Lion).