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Donald Abbott is a contemporary Oz author and illustrator. He maintains an allegiance to what might be called "early Oz" — his books are set early in the chronology established by the Oz books, even to the point of being prequels to Baum's novels. Abbott draws connections with early Baum books like Father Goose and with the 1902 stage musical adaptation of the first Oz book. He is also known for maintaining a style of graphic art that is modeled on that of W. W. Denslow, the original Oz illustrator.

Abbott has written and illustrated a series of new Oz books for Emerald City Press. Abbott's authored and illustrated books include:

Abbott also illustrated Gilbert M. Sprague's The Nome King's Shadow in Oz (1992) and the ECP edition of Baum's Dot and Tot of Merryland (1994).

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