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Dicksy Land (a pun on "Dixieland") is a "mixed and topsy-turvy" place in the Munchkin Country of Oz. It is located one forest and one mountain away from the Emerald City.


In Dicksy Land, apples grow on raspberry bushes and raspberries on apple trees; rose are daisies and daisies are roses. The houses have windows where their doors should be, and vice versa; their chimneys protrude from their sides instead of their tops. Though Dicksy Land is an urban environment, it does support a population of Dicky Birds.

The inhabitants of Dicksy Land call themselves Dicks. They are ruled by a Dictator, Dickus the Third, from his castle, the Dictatorium.

Only people who are judged to be "queer," in some way or another, are allowed to enter Dicksy Land. (Ojo in Oz)

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