Curious Cottabus
Curious Cottabus

Pompa and Kabumpo encounter the Cottabus.

Species Cottabus
Residence Gillikin Country, Land of Oz
First Appearance Kabumpo in Oz

The Curious Cottabus was a strange creature residing in the Gillikin Country of Oz. It had an insatiable desire to get its questions answered.


Pompadore and Kabumpo encountered the Cottabus during their journey to find the Proper Princess. It demanded they answer 50 questions, some of which seemed mysterious or irrelevant. When they left, leaving some of his questions unanswered, the Cottabus followed, later helping them out of a scrape by telling them how to escape from Rith Metic after they had answered all its questions. (Kabumpo in Oz)

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