Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an online and mobile video game releaed in July 2015 that contains loose Oz based elements in some of its levels. 

Grimm's Idle Tales

In this campaign category, levels 71-85 are based on the Yellow Brick Road as 86-100 are based on the Emerald City.

The enemies encountered in these levels are Oz based such as Lions, Scarecrows, Tin Men, and Wicked Witches.

The first campaign is called Big Phony Wizard and the second is called Not in Kansas Anymore. The second campaign adds Oz characters to the group formation who cause debuffs to the crusaders' abilities. Dorothy is featured right away and followed by Scarecrow in level 51 who decrease damage per second, the Tin Man decreases gold found in level 101, and the Lion decreases overall health points in level 151. This is done to be both a challenge and to connect with a sub-plot of fairy tale characters being against the crusaders' actions.

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