Crown of the Dreamer is the second novel in The Hidden History of Oz series by Tarl Telford. It was released on September 10th, 2013. Like the first, it is broken up into three sections and has 42 chapters.


Glinda is a young sorceress who lives by her own rules. She calls herself good, but her friends and enemies both know better. Driven by curiosity to learn everything about the Wizard's secrets, a tragic experiment unlocks his nightmares, bringing the unseen horrors into the waking world.

Now the Wizard is gone, off on a mad quest with Glinda's sworn enemy, and Glinda must bring him back, no matter what the cost. They face armies of Winged Monkeys, magic automatons, and terrifying tiger-bears.
Following the Wizard's troubled first steps into madness, Glinda attempts to save him from himself, and learns the terrifying secret that every person is defined by their own shadow.

Chapter List

Section One: Tears

  1. Schemes and Things
  2. Opening the Curtain
  3. Golden Cage
  4. Wizard's Waltz
  5. Shot in the Dark
  6. Roses have Thorns
  7. Amber Eyes
  8. Standing Army
  9. Silver Mirror Tells No Tales
  10. Wizardly Vision
  11. Schemes and Dreams
  12. Secret Apprentice
  13. Winds of Change

Section Two: Pearls

  1. Secret Spring
  2. The Strength of An Army
  3. Stones and Shadows
  4. Among the Munchkins
  5. The Road West
  6. Emerald Spectacles
  7. The Search for the Wizard
  8. The Truth about Men
  9. The Man Behind the Curtain
  10. Glinda's Nightmare
  11. Seeds of Destiny
  12. Battle of Mightly Miss Glutch
  13. Mirror, Mirror
  14. A Voice in the Darkness
  15. Sister Feud
  16. Treasure and Refuse
  17. Eye in the Sky
  18. How the West was Lost

Section Three: Battle Cry

  1. Oath Unto Death
  2. The Fighting Girls
  3. Night to be Forgotten
  4. Unremembered Treasures
  5. Secret of the Wizard
  6. Morning Magic
  7. The Witch's Army
  8. The Proud King
  9. Human Outside
  10. Revelation of the Kalidahs
  11. Morn'light War

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