Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon is an Oz exploration ship, under the command of Captain Samuel Salt. It was originally a pirate ship, but Salt reformed and agreed to explore and discover new lands for Ozma.


Captain Salt originally owned two ships, but when he proved too soft of a captain, refusing to engage in cruel, pirate-like acts, his crew abandoned him and stole the other ship. Salt took the ship to plunder and find a new crew and recapture his other ship. But when he visited Octagon Island, he discovered that King Ato had also been abandoned by his subjects. So Ato and Roger the Read Bird became the ship's new crew. Peter Brown and a winged pig named Pigasus also joined the crew. When the crew learned of a new threat from the old Nome King, Peter and Pigasus flew off, and Captain Salt opened a magic container, turning the Crescent Moon accidentally into a flying ship. Together, they saved Oz from Ruggedo and Salt was named the Royal Explorer of Oz. (Pirates in Oz)

The ship later underwent a refit before it officially launched on its mission of discovery. The Red Jinn upgraded many of the ship's systems to be automated, so as the ship wouldn't require a large crew. Salt then returned, three years later than he had promised, and picked up Ato and Roger to begin their journey. (Captain Salt in Oz)

Crew and Passengers

Temporary Crew


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