Crabs are citizens of the Mermaid Kingdom. They are second cousins to the lobsters, although much smaller in size. There are many families and varieties of crabs, and many of them live together in Crabville.

Fiddler Crabs are light green and carry all sorts and shapes of fiddles in their claws. Their music is shrill and tuneless.

Clown Crabs are acrobatic and comical. They build themselves into pyramids and then tumble over. Other chase each other and play leapfrog. Other swing on seaweed branches or turn cartwheels. Two of the crabs, Tommy Blimken and Harry Hustle, were once captured by humans and put into an aquarium, but they escaped and now have many tales to tell of life on the earth.

Hermit Crabs steal abandoned shells and live in them so no enemies can attack them. They can be rude and unsociable. (The Sea Fairies)

Some Crabs also live in the land of Oz. One had an argument with a Zebra over whether the world contains more land or more water. (The Emerald City of Oz)

Another Crab agreed to help Dorothy Gale and Ozma escape a spider's web in exchange for being turned white in color. (Glinda of Oz)