Chubbins is a little boy who sometimes accompanies his friend Twinkle on her exotic adventures.


Though his age is not certain, Chubbins appears to be about seven years old. He is a month younger than Twinkle. ("Sugar-Loaf Mountain")

In contrast to Twinkle, who is tall and slender for her age, Chubbins is shorter and plumper, which gives him his nickname. His hair is cut short, and he wears shirts and knickers, and a wide-brimmed straw hat, good for protection against the North Dakota sun. He doesn't like dogs. ("Prairie-Dog Town")


Chubbins lived for a time in the town of Edgeley, North Dakota, where his mother was the local schoolteacher. It was there that he met Twinkle and shared in her propensity for the unusual.

Sometime later, he and his mother moved to a town in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Twinkle visited him there once, and they found a new opportunity to explore the fantastic side of life. ("Sugar-Loaf Mountain")

In their most extreme experience, Chubbins and Twinkle were once transformed into human/bird hybrid creatures. (Policeman Bluejay)

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