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Welcome to the very fragile and Dainty China Country of Oz...please be very careful!

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Over the China Wall 1900

"Once over the great white wall, they all looked down and saw a very strange sight-everything was made of China!"
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)

The China Country (Dainty China Country in the book), is a pretty little enclave hidden deep in a enchanted forest near the fictional Quadling Country, in the south section of the magical Land of Oz. It is introduced in Baum's first Oz book titled 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' published in 1900. It is a rarely ever visited place, probably for the better because of it's delicacy, being completely surrounded by a very, very high wall that reaches dozens of feet up. The wall is made out of extremely thick solid polished porcelain to keep intruders out, and protect the China people and they're fragile little world which dwells inside.

IMG 20140429 082414

China Country as illustrated in the Marvel Comic.

When the child protagonist and main character of the story, Dorothy Gale was swept away to Oz via cyclone. She set out to see the great and powerful Wizard who ruled over all the land, as many believed Oz to be the most powerful being in Oz. Dorothy was also accompanied by her little pet dog named Toto and her three oddball companions.

Dainty china country

Dorothy and Toto in the China Country 1900.

After Experiencing many fantastical adventures, the little party come to visit the 'Dainty China Country' towards the end of the story. This is when they are passing through the south lands of Oz while all on they're way to see the beautiful sorceress named Glinda the Good Witch, who lived in a ruby-red palace near this enclave after the Wizard of Oz, whom Dorothy hoped to help her was of little help. To her dismay, she discovered Oz to be a mere humbug by the name of Oscar Diggs. This caused Dorothy to embark on another epic journey to find a way home in Kansas again as Glinda was her last hope.


A Country of China

The China Country itself is a very special place in Oz, inhabited by a very unique and rare race of tiny little people, no bigger than a baby-doll, that are made entirely out of China or Porcelain, along with everything else in they're pretty little world of glazed glass.

IMG 20140425 050055

Michael Hagues' Oz.

The floor of the China Country is also glazed and polished smooth and is all white like the bottom of a big spotless platter. Many China houses, China shops, China farms and even China mansions and castles are neatly scattered around or lined up to make porcelain streets along the China floor. All the China items are delicately beautifully painted in bright colors, the tallest reaching only as high as a little girl's waist. There are also China trees and plants, China flower gardens and China barns with China fences and little animals such as cows who contain real milk in their utters. There are also other farm animals such as horses and pig's all made of China also.
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The China Doll Princess 1900

The China people consist of Kings, Queens, other figures of Royalty, carpenters, shepherds, shepherdesses, milk-maids, peasants and even a silly Joker Clown who is very clumsy. The China Joker is so clumsy infact, that he has multiple cracks running all through his entire body from falling down so many times as it is stated in the book he enjoys balancing on top of his head.

IMG 20140614 015131

The China Joker 1900

"My lady fair, why do you stare at poor old Mr. Joker? You're quite as stiff and prim as if you'd eaten up a poker!""
― The China Joker (1900)

Everything in the China Country is prone to chipping, breaking or shattering, although there is a mender's shop, one is never as pretty nor as fair and valuable after being shattered, even if repaired and put back together again as the mended cracks are visible.

IMG 20140625 064135

China milk maid.

The China people all move and talk and live quite freely, doing as they please in they're own country, but if they were to ever leave and venture beyond the white wall that surrounds they're tiny world, they're joints would instantly lose it's enchantment and quickly freeze or automatically stiffen. Thus, causing the China person to ultimately become completely lifeless. And they could only stand and look pretty on a mantle shelf or drawing room table, becoming a mere piece of decor decoration like any other object placed in an ordinary room. The China people can only stay alive in the China Country and are only able to live and walk and talk freely on they're own little turf, even in a magical fantasy land such as Oz.

(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz).

WO 0013

Over the China Wall

Return to Oz 1985

IMG 20140703 063219

China joker in Return to Oz. 1985

In Disney's Cult Classic film Return to Oz, the China Joker can be seen in the coronation parade ccelebration towards the end.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

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China country in Oz: The Great and Powerful

China Country, refered to as China Town in the film, was razed by Evanora's Winged Baboons, after the witch caught wind that it's citizens were all happily celebrating the prophesized Wizard's arrival in Oz. Most of the town was all but completely destroyed, leaving it's inhabitants shattered, except for one young China Girl. (Oz: The Great and Powerful)

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

The China Country is one of the lands in Oz that Dorothy Gale travels to in the film. (Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

Chinacounty legendsofoz

China Country, as seen in Legends of Oz.

Legends of Oz World

In the Video game version; China Country can be visited by Dorothy's friend and Toto. (Legends of Oz World)


The interior of China Country palace in Legends of Oz World

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