Charles Jerome Costello (4 November 1872 — 8 May 1931) was a Chicago newspaper artist at the turn of the twentieth century; he had several connections with the early works of L. Frank Baum.

Costello was one of the eight graphic artists who donated pictures to Baum's privately-printed poetry collection By the Candelabra's Glare (1898). A year later, Costello assisted Ralph Fletcher Seymour in hand-lettering the text of Baum's Father Goose (1899). Costello was reportedly brought in on the project when Seymour's spelling proved unreliable. Costello's orthography was apparently up to the task, since he went on to hand-letter Baum's The Army Alphabet and The Navy Alphabet (both 1900).

The success of Father Goose inspired many imitations in the subsequent years. Costello worked with Harry Kennedy on one of these, Old Mother Hubbard (1902).

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