The Cast-Iron Man was a mechanical giant built by King Scowleyow to destroy the Land of Mo. It was as tall as a church, and each of his feet was as big as a barn. It took a hundred men a week to wind him up, but when tightly wound, he could roar, roll his eyes, gnash his teeth, and march across the valley destroying everything in his path.

The Giant was sent into Mo, but immediately tripped over the only dog in the land and landed face down on the ground. Prince Thinkabit tickled the iron man with a feather to turn him over, then pricked him with a pin to make him stand up. Being thus turned around, the Cast-Iron Man marched back where he came from, stomping through Scowleyow's kingdom and crushing the king and his people. The mechanical giant continued marching right into the sea where it sank straight to the bottom. (The Magical Monarch of Mo)

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