Ross as Dorothy

Can I Go On? was a song written by composers Quincy Jones, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, especially for the movie The Wiz. It is one of three songs in the movie that did not appear in the Broadway musical. Dorothy Gale sings it alone in her Aunt Em's kitchen, to express her fears of going out into the world.

"Can I Go On ?" Lyrics

Lose it, lose it

I don't even know the first thing

About what they're feeling

What am I afraid of?

Don't know what I'm made of

Can I go on not knowing?

Feeling, feeling, something tells me

That it's more than I can deal with

Though I never knew the song

Some words still catch on

Like caring and sharing

Being together no matter

Can I go on not knowing?

Don't know what I'm made of

Why am I afraid of feeling? Feeling

If I dare to take a chance

Would someone lead me?