Caroline S. Ewing provided the illustrations for Dorothy and Old King Crow, the 1986 Oz book by Dorothy Haas.

Ewing has illustrated two volumes of Shari Lewis's One-Minute Bible Stories and Lewis's One-Minute Greek Myths; also, Maida Silverman's Festival of Freedom: The Story of Passover and Festival of Esther: The Story of Purim, along with other religious-themed work. Ewing has also created Jingle Bells: A Holiday Book with Lights and Music, Parables for Kids, and Girls from America's Past, among other works for young children. She has produced a a number of sticker books, like the Nutcracker Activity Sticker Book and the Little Trains Activity Sticker Book.

Ewing's photographs appear in Seasons in God's World, with Beverly Beckman's text and Caroline E. Bowesr's artwork.

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