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The Forest of Burzee is a mighty and grand forest, hundreds of years old. Its big tree-trunks stand close together with their branches entangled above, and their roots entangled below. It seems gloomy compared to the bright meadow nearby, but it is filled with never-ending delights. Its east edge borders the Laughing Valley of Hohaho.

Burzee is inhabited by many magical creatures ranging from Fairies, Gigans, Gnomes, Knooks, Light Elves, Pixies, Rampsies, Ryls, Sleep Fays, Sound Imps, Water Sprites, Wind Demons, and Wood Nymphs.

Burzee is the home of the Fairy Queen and the Queen of the Wood Nymphs. The forest is under the protection of the Master Woodsman of the world, the Great Ak.

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