Buratino in the Emerald City is a "Magic Land" novel written and illustrated by Leonid Vladimirsky, the artist who illustrated Alexander Volkov's Oz-derived Russian works. The book was published in 1996.

Early in his career as a book illustrator, Vladimirsky drew pictures for an edition of Alexei Tolstoy's The Little Golden Key, which is an adaptation of Carlo Collodi's Pinnochio in which the puppet-boy is renamed "Buratino." Decades later, when Vladimirsky came to compose a book in the Volkov tradition, he brought Tolstoy's Buratino to Volkov's Emerald City. The result is quadruply derivative: from Collodi via Tolstoy, and from Baum via Volkov.

In keeping with is source material, Vladimirsky employs puppets as characters. For a comparable incursion of puppets into Oz, consider Eloise Jarvis McGraw's The Rundelstone of Oz. For real-life Oz puppetry, see: Jean Gros.

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