Timothy was a boy from Noland who was more commonly known by his nickname, "Bud". He was the son of a ferryman, but became King of Noland.


Bud grew up in a little village in Noland, nearly two days' journey from the city of Nole. His father was a successful ferryman, and the family lived in a comfortable house on the river-bank. Bud's sister Fluff was two years older than he, and it was she who gave him his nickname, being unable to pronounce the word "brother". Their mother had died when they were young, so Fluff and Bud were raised solely by their father.

One night during a terrible storm, the ferryman was drowned trying to cross the river. His sister, Rivette, came to care for the children, but she was stern and quick to discipline them. Bud was impudent and ill-mannered, and when Aunt Rivette switched him he became surly and silent. Eventually she decided to take Bud and Fluff to live with her in Nole, where she resided.

It was during this trip that Bud was selected as King of Noland by the chief counselor Tullydub according to the Book of Laws. (Bud was the 47th person to enter the eastern gate of Nole after dawn on the day in question, which made him king.) He was taken to the Royal Palace and given twenty new suits. At first, Bud was unable to believe his good fortune, but after being reassured by the five high counselors that there had been no mistake, Bud settled down to enjoy his new life.

During the early part of his reign, Noland was invaded by the army of Ix (which was defeated) and later by the Roly-Rogues. Queen Zixi of Ix helped King Bud overcome the Roly-Rogues, restoring him to his throne. Thanks to a wish on his sister's Magic Cloak, King Bud was the best king Noland ever had. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

King Bud and Princess Fluff visited the Emerald City of Oz to attend a birthday party for Princess Ozma. (The Road to Oz)

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