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Buckethead Enterprizes of Oz was a non-profit organization created by Chris Dulabone to publish Oz-related work. In 1997–98 it was reorganized as Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends, with largely continuous activity between the two entities. BEOO/TOTCLAF has been the largest and most consistent publisher of new Oz fiction since its inception.

Beginning in 1986, BEOO published 55 titles through 1997, including a guidebook On Submitting Manuscripts to Buckethead Enterprises of Oz (1990). After reorganization, TOTCLAF published another 30 titles from 1998 through 2005, and continues its activity through subsequent years.

The enterprise has published multiple titles by Dulabone, Marcus Mebes, Marin Elizabeth Xiques, Phyllis Ann Karr, and others. It has also sold the products of Atticus Gannaway's Ozian Seahorse Press. The focus has been on new work by contemporary writers and illustrators, though Kenneth Gage Baum's novel The Dinamonster of Oz (1941) was issued by Dulabone's press, fifty years after it was written. Lin Carter's Oz novels have also been published by TOTCLAF.

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