The Book of Laws is a musty old book that governs the Kingdom of Noland when the King is absent, ill, or asleep. It is a huge, old book with a musty smell, locked with a silver padlock.

Among the instructions inside is the rule of succession, which states:

"In case the king dies, and there is no one to succeed him, the chief counselor of the kingdom shall go at sunrise to the eastward gate of the city of Nole and count the persons who enter through such gate as soon as it is opened by the guards. And the forty-seventh person that so enters, be it man, woman or child, rich or poor, humble or noble, shall immediately be proclaimed king or queen, as the case may be, and shall rule all the kingdom of Noland forever after, as long as he or she may live. And if anyone in all the kingdom of Nole shall refuse to obey the slightest wish of the new ruler, such person shall at once be put to death. This is the law."

This law was used to appoint Bud as "King of Noland". (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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