The Blueskins or Blues are the people who live on the blue half of Sky Island.


They resemble men, but with a body round as a ball, a long neck like an ostrich, and a little head set on top of it. Their skin and eyes are blue, and their blue hair stands straight up with a curl at the top. Their legs are very long, and they can cover twice as much ground as a normal man in a single step.

They seem to be a nervous, restless people and are very suspicious of outsiders.

Blues live exactly six hundred years, no more and no less. They cannot die or be killed before their six hundred years expire, and they cannot live past the age of six hundred. When their six hundred years are ended, they march into the Great Blue Grotto, through the Arch of Phinis, and are never seen again.


The Blues are ruled by the Boolooroo, who is elected by command and serves a three hundred year term. His Book of Records describes their laws and records information about the Fog Bank and the Sunset Country. It is generally kept locked in the Boolooroo's treasure chamber, guarded on the outside by a sentry and inside by the Blue Wolf.

The only soldiers in the Blue Country are the king's bodyguards, though civilians may be pressed into service in the event of a war.

The Blues have two bands in the city that play instruments of blue metal. (Sky Island)

Blueskin People

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