The Blue Country is the blue side of Sky Island, home of the Blueskins. Everything there is blue in color. A blue haze hangs over the city, and though the moon shines every night, they never see the sun. There are no horses or cows, but the people tend blue goats, from which they get milk.

The capital is Blue City, which is a mile across, and the blue country extends another half mile beyond its walls. the city has many broad streets paved with blue marble and lined with splendid buildings of blue marble. The houses and castles and shops are prettily designed with slender spires and imposing turrets.

The Boolooroo lives in a blue stone castle with six hundred tall towers and turrets. It's a magnificent building with large and lofty rooms and superb furnishings, all in shades of blue. The royal garden is encircled by a blue stone wall and has blue trees, blue grass, and blue flowers. A path of blue pebbles wanders past blue fountains which shoot blue water into the blue air.

Just outside the Blue City is a mountain in the center of the blue land. The entrance to the Great Blue Grotto is at the foot of that mountain, and the Arch of Phinis is in the grotto.

The Blue Country is separated from the Pink Country by a thick Fog Bank. (Sky Island)

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