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1975 Stephanie Mills and Michael Leslie.

Be A Lion
 is a song from The Wiz. Dorothy sings this song to the Lion after their encounter with the Kalidahs. The Lion feeling ashamed he didnt do much, Doroth sings this to lift his spirts. In the film the Lion accidentily leads Dorothy into the Poppy Girls trap where they are put to sleep. After being awakened by the Tinman's tears she sings this to the Lion to cheer him up. In 2015 after they battle the Kalidahs the Tinman discouarges the Lion for not helping, Dororthy cheers the lion up with the song.  

"Be A Lion" Lyrics

There is a place we'll go

Where there is mostly quiet

23 17 the-wiz-56

2015 Shanice Williams and David Alan Grier

Flowers and butterflies

A rainbow lives beside it

And from a velvet sky

A summer storm

You can feel the coolness in the air

But you're still warm

And then a mighty roar

Will start the sky to cryin'

But not even light'ning

Will be frightening my lion

And with no fear inside

No need to run

No need to hide

You're standing strong and tall

You're the bravest of them all

If on courage you must call

Then just keep on tryin'

And tryin', and tryin'

You're a lion

In your own way, be a lion

Come on be a lion

I am standing strong and tall

You're the bravest of them all

If on courage you must call

Keep on tryin'

And tryin', and tryin'

I'm a lion

In my own way

Be/I’m a lion

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