Ryan M. "Atticus" Gannaway is a modern-day Oz author and illustrator. His fiction includes:

  • A Wonderful Journey in Oz (1990)
  • Time-Traveling in Oz (1992)
  • As the Clock Strikes Oz (1993)
  • Sinister Gases in Oz (1995)
  • Fwiirp in Oz, with Chris Dulabone and others (1996)
  • The Magic Bowls of Oz, with Peter Schulenburg (1999)

Gannaway self-illustrated Wonderful Journey. Most of these works were published by Gannaway's own small press, the Ozian Seahorse Press.

Gannaway's novel The Silver Sorceress of Oz was published by the Emerald City Press in 2002. His story "Toto and the Truth" appeared in Oz-story Magazine No. 6 in 2000. A number of his short stories have been printed in Oziana.

In 2001 Gannaway began a term of service as Editor-in-Chief of The Baum Bugle. He is now the Review Editor of the publication.

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