Anna-Maria Cool is a contemporary American illustrator; she drew the pictures in Gina Wickwar's two Oz novels, The Hidden Prince of Oz (2000) and Toto of Oz (2006).

A Cool illustration accompanied Ruth Plumly Thompson's "The Dragon of Pumperdink" in Oz-story Magazine No. 1 (1995). She drew the comic "The Green Goblin of Oz" in Oz-story No. 2 (1996). Her illustrations for Atticus Gannaway's story "Toto and the Truth" appeared in Oz-story No. 6 (2000).

Cool worked on the Barbie comic published by Marvel Comics between 1990 and 1995. She inked the comic-book version of the film Hook (1992), and she drew the comic Soulsearchers and Company (1993). She has illustrated books on Betsy Ross and Dolly Madison.

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