Adlena is one of the names of Queen Zixi of Ix. She used the name for one of her disguises in her attempt to secure the Magic Cloak.


As Adlena, Zixi was a pretty, young girl with light-brown hair and blue eyes. Her nose and lips differed in shape from Zixi's, and no one could have seen any resemblance between them. She wore a simple white gown with pink ribbons at the shoulders and a pink sash around her waist.


After her army's invasion of Noland was defeated, Queen Zixi boiled a potion of lilac bark, roots, and butterfly-spots in a tatti-leaf. Upon drinking the potion with a muttered incantation, she was transformed. She went to the City of Nole and at the royal palace begged to be one of Princess Fluff's maids, claiming to be the daughter of Lord Hurrydole. After a few days in the palace, she discovered the Princess's Cloak and summoned imps to create an exact likeness of it. She switched the fake Cloak with the real one and escaped into the forest where she transformed herself back into Zixi. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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