Zen Master Seung Sahn - One of the inspirations behind the creation of Zen Master Il Hwa in A Zen Master In Oz.

A Zen Master In Oz is a non-canon 2011 novel by Kass Stone published through for Kindle.

It is the story of zen master Il Hwa and his friends; Captain Pug, pilot of the universe hopping tug boat The Laughing Tortoise, and Hank the sasquatch, and what happens to them when they are chased into Oz by the obsessed tax collector The Coin Of The Realm.

Il Hwa and his friends discover that Oz is on the brink of a rebellion led by Munchkin RadiOz host Qwik, whose xenophobic and anti-Ozma rants threaten to destroy Oz as we know it. Princess Ozma is not able to face down this rebellion due to being in the midst of a severe depression and having left a heavily burdened and overwhelmed Scarecrow to rule in her stead.

Having tried everything else, Ozma's friends turn to the zen master to help their friend and to save Oz in the process.


A "pseudo-sequel" to this story written by Kass Stone was published in the 2011 edition of Oziana. "Jenny Everywhere in Oz" tells the story of open source character Jenny Everywhere coming to Oz and encountering the "Legion of Glindas" introduced in A Zen Master In Oz.

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